Tunewiki Social Music Player

Music is social

Music is inherently a social medium. But how should an app be designed to encourage social connections. What features are important for social connection?

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Pixel perfect mock ups

Learn about the now laid-to-rest Tunewiki on its Wikipedia page.

Tunewiki Social Music Player Sticker sheet

This design sheet shows how the lyric drawer interacts with the album art and also some of the app’s icons.


Tunewiki Spotify Integration

At the time, the Tunewiki Social Music Player was the most popular music app that provided scrolling lyrics that synced with the music as it played on your mobile device. I was the lead designer. I was responsible not onşy for the UI/UX of the app, but also the branding.

When Spotify became interested in taking advantage of that mobile platform, I designed how Spotify could be integrated into the Tunewiki UI. These are the initial wires I created for preliminary visualization.

Lock screen widget