Prototype & Wireframes for PhotoStacks

PhotoStacks is an iOS app that takes the tedium and work out of managing your photos on your iPhone. I designed it to work with a set of gestures that let you move, delete, or keep your photos.

Prototype - Swipe action gesture

Prototype of the PhotoStacks swipe gesture

Initial Wireframe Prototype

Prototype Photostacks Gestures

Wireframe Navigation Flow

The PhotoStacks app does not have many buttons in the UI because it relies on gestures for its core functionality. This meant that I had to create detailed wireframes to help visualize how the app functioned.

This static prototype is essential from a design perspective to help illustrate how the swipe gestures worked, and if they were a viable way to perform the app’s functions. And it was critical from the developer’s perspective, because they had to clearly understand the app’s behavior to implement it with the desired functionality and UX.

PhotoStacks - Wires and Flow