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Podcast apps used to be power-user apps. Their screens were cluttered with all the functionality that the developer could cram in. Arguably, there was minimal thought about the user during the design process. With Podcast Guru, my goal was to change this. I designed a simpler cleaner experience that centered around the users needs, and that put podcast content at their fingertips. This is because, users want content, not a ton of icons and menus.

UX + UI Design

Problem 1

Podcast app users want to listen to podcasts, not become a power users. They download a podcast app because their goal is to listen to podcast as soon as the app is installed.

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Solution 1

My goal was to design a simple podcast discovery experience that let the user perform three key actions in a matter seconds: discover a podcast, play a podcast, and subscribe to a podcast. Note, I was able to simplify this flow by making the merging the “Welcome” screen with the “Add a Podcast” screen, with a more functional “Discover” screen.

Problem 2

The user’s library is empty on first run, how do users search and subscribe to their first podcast?

Solution 2

When it comes to user’s library, don’t presume to know what content they want. The simplest way to help the find their content is a short call-to-action to “Search.” This creates a focused, non-distracted search and subscribe flow.

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