Android App Design for PodcastGuru

Based on Material Design

Designed from the ground up

The user's content is the most important aspect of any media app. Therefore, I designed the UI should get out of the way.

Intuitive User Interface

No need to reinvent the wheel, the user interface must be as beautiful as it is familiar.

Feature front and center

Core features should be the first experience the user has. Putting Search, Trending, and Browse on one screenis what makes Podcastguru a powerful podcatcher.

A simple UI is what make a successful Android App Design

For this Android App Design project...

… I designed PodcastGuru from the ground up. I worked with the development team to understand the specs and requirements. Then I created wires that illustrated the features we thought were valuable to the user. After that I created pixel-perfect mocks to guide the developers on how to build PodcastGuru. In addition, I created a unique visual identity that set the app apart from other podcast apps. This work included, designing original branded logo, interface icons, and color palette.