I am a designer providing solutions for companies looking for UI & UX Design services. I am a User Experience designer and User Interface designer with an illustrative flair. My experience designing for mobile apps and mobile games tops up at about 10+ years. I bring proven experience from a UI and UX, and a digital design perspective. Throughout my career, I have worked for notable companies in the US, designed user experiences and provided graphic design for apps and games for on iOS, Android and PCs. My objective on these projects was to utilized my experience translating complex user interactions into elegant, sleek, user-centric designs that reinforce brand values – and that are fun too.

I have helped bring many high-profile digital products and games titles successfully to market. From creating wires and flows, to pixel-perfect mock ups, to the end-to-end product design – my experience allows me to both design the best experience for the user and strategically for the best business outcomes.


User Experience

User-centric, end-to-end Product Design, leveraging years of UI and UX design experience.


I use it.


Experience in Agile development process.

Mobile & App ready

Excellent knowledge of visual communication, and a deep understanding of digital art production for mobile games and apps.


Figma 97%
Sketch 95%
Zeplin 90%
Principle 75%
Adobe Photoshop 99%
Adobe Illustrator 85%
Adobe InDesign 70%
Wordpress 85%
HTML 80%
CSS 75%
Jira 90%
Confluence 80%
Scrum 85%
3DS Max 80%

Senior Product Designer

At Charter Communications, I am a Senior Product Designer providing end-to-end design solutions for the Spectrum News app for iOS and Android, as well as the Spectrum News web experience.

Product Designer, UI Designer, & UX Designer

ReallyBad Apps’ (think ’80’s sense of “bad”) mission is to make great apps that solve everyday problems people face every day, despite the ironic name.

Senior Product Designer

At Charter Communications, also known as Spectrum, I am a Senior Product Designer focusing on the Spectrum News app for iOS and Android, as well as the web news experience.

Head of Product / Co-founder

ReallyBad Apps’ (think ’80’s sense of “bad”) mission is to make great apps that solve everyday problems people face every day, despite the ironic name.

Freelance Mobile Graphic Designer

Working with innovative companies trying to disrupt or redefine their sectors to design user interfaces for digital products, ie. mobile & web app that focuses on ease-of-use, simplicity & predictable user experiences while reinforcing the brand.

Wordapp B.V.

  • Wordapp App - Content Processing Platform

cSuite Technologies Inc.

  • cSuite App - Android App

InSight Enterprises Inc.

  • myInsight iPad app

Lead Product Designer

Created the vision and the UI of social music app. Adapted UX requirements and wireframes into UI, mocks, assets, and final app. Created art production pathways that enable development on all sizes of Android devices. Designed a new public facing look for Tunewiki Inc. via a new company logo, branded app icon, and marketing collateral.

Tunewiki Inc.

Lead Artist

Lead artist for a top-10 mobile game company. Created art for mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, and Facebook games. Designed mock-ups, developed production paths, and created production assets. Designed simple yet powerful UIs, meaningful icons, developed game art that conveyed the identity for well-known brands. Defined tasks for, and managed, internal and external artists.

Mobile Deluxe

  • Solitaire Deluxe 6 Pack, Jewel Factory
  • Curious George Coloring Book
  • Sherlock, The Game is Afoot
  • Sudoku Deluxe 2 Green Edition
  • Speed Texting 2


Freelance career focused on creating design and production for mobile entertainment apps. Worked with both established and start-up companies. Designed game art, UIs, production paths, for well-known game titles. Provided the technical artistry to convert arcade classics to mobile phone games.

Namco Networks

  • Pole Position Remix
  • Ms. Pac Man
  • Pac Man
  • Galaga
  • Snoopy the Flying Ace
  • Dig Dug

Namco Networks (2N Productions Subcontractor)

  • Ms. Pac Man
  • Pac Man
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Mr. Driller

Nuvo Studios

  • Uno
  • Joust
  • Defender
  • Gauntlet
  • Robotron
  • Rampage

Blue Planet Software

  • Kid’s Tetris

LTI Graymatter for Crave

  • World Championship Cards

Lead 3D Artist & Production Artist

Lead 3D artist & production artist for PC games. Skills included, pixel art production, and low-poly modeling. Defined production path for 3d game IK-rigging and character animation, and directed cut-scenes for first Star Trek PC game.


  • Goblins (pre-release)

Microprose Inc.

  • Star Trek Generations
  • Star Trek: A Final Unity

Spectrum Holobyte

  • Falcon 3.0
  • Vette!
  • Tank
  • Welltris

I have 17 game titles credited to me as a game artist and animator. You can see them all at Moby Games.


University of California Los Angeles 
Graphic Design

University of California Los Angeles (Summa Cum Laude)
Bachelors Degree – Ethnomusicology, Minor – Near Eastern Languages & Cultures

San Francisco Art Academy

Awards & Credits

Top Downloaded Spotify App – Tunewiki, Synced Lyrics
Android Market Featured App – Tunewiki Social Music Player
June 2012 CTIA Wireless 2009 Emerging Technology Award – Sudoku Deluxe 2 Green Edition
Best selling Solitaire game, over 4 Million Downloads – Solitaire Deluxe 16 Pack


English – native
Turkish – fluent