Matthew Carlstrom UI/UX designer is me...

… and I mention it as such as a nod to SEO, because I don’t normally refer to myself in the third person. But what I do normally do these days is design mobile apps, manage their development and help develop brand identity as VP of Product at Really Bad Apps. With my design background, I have the rare opportunity to not only design an app, I also collaborate with our dev team to deliver on those designs. I find that when the creative and technical disciplines understand each other’s goals, great things are possible.

Scale myself

As a tech enthusiast, I am never satisfied with slogging though a production process simply to complete a task. I am always looking for ways to “scale myself” and get more done with new tools and production workflows. “Working hard” is fine, but it shouldn’t be the norm. I solve this with tools. And the good new is, we happen to be experiencing a renaissance in cloud based tools that help simplify the workflow between designers and developers. Tools such as, such as Zeplin, InVision, not to mention Google’s cloud based tools, and Zapier have allowed me and my team to be more productive than ever. Running an offsite team across the globe has never been easier!

Solid background

I built up to this from my background in UI/UX for mobile and web apps. I know from experience that an app with a simple-yet-intuitive user-interface and great user-experience convinces the user that performing complex actions are simple and delightful. From mobile apps to video games, to web apps, I design delightfully simple apps that touch on the user’s needs, business objectives, and branding requirements. In addition, I approach design tasks systematically. I specialize in everything from research to design sketches, wires, pixel-perfect mocks, to development ready assets. Because of this, my clients get everything needed to develop and publish a delightful app. Please take a look at my online portfolio,  or visit my LinkedIn page to see more professional details.