Matthew Carlstrom

Hello! I am a product designer focusing on mobile app & web app UI/UX design.
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Matthews Carlstrom

I’m Matthew Carlstrom

I am a Product Designer, UI designer, and UX designer. I design apps and help bring them to life at the dev studio Really Bad Apps, where I am designing the podcast player ecosystem Podcast Guru. I have the opportunity to not only design apps, I also collaborate with our dev team to deliver and improve on those designs throughout the life cycle of the product. I find that when the creative and technical disciplines understand each other’s goals, great things are possible.

I know from experience that an app with a simple-yet-intuitive user-interface and great user-experience convinces the user that performing complex actions are simple and delightful. From mobile apps to video games, to web apps, I design delightfully simple apps that touch on the user’s needs, business objectives, and branding requirements. In addition, I approach design tasks systematically. I specialize in everything from research to design sketches, wires, pixel-perfect mocks, to development ready assets.